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Your donation can do more. Particularly on Giving Tuesday!

Tuesday, November 30 marks Giving Tuesday, a movement dedicated to bringing together the power of people, generosity and organizations to transform their communities. The Alliance has been transforming the land trust community for nearly 40 years.

As a testament to the Alliance’s impact, a generous anonymous donor has pledged to match every donation given by midnight on Tuesday to the Land Trust Alliance, dollar for dollar, up to $10,000.

On Giving Tuesday you can DOUBLE your impact when you make a donation to the Alliance:

  • A donation of $23 DOUBLES to become $46, for the 46 land trusts who received excellence program grants in 2020 to increase their impact.
  • A donation of $46.50 DOUBLES to become $93, representing the 93% of counties served by Alliance members across the nation.
  • A donation of $73 DOUBLES to become $146, for the 146 trainings, workshops, networking events and inspiring remarks at the 2021 Rally: The National Land Conservation Conference.
  • A donation of $85 DOUBLES to become $170, for the 170 meetings held by Alliance staff and Advocacy Ambassadors with congressional staff at 2021 Advocacy Days.


Questions? Contact Rashida Moore at (202) 800-2249 or


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